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Each competitor must present himself to the race commissioner. He must have fulfilled the technical and administrative conditions provided by the organization by presenting the original documents of the administrative file and the medical file.



A medical certificate of “no contraindication
for running in competition” less than one year old at the start of the race.
An electrocardiogram dating less than 6 months must be presented on the day of the control on site.
If the medical certificate could not be presented on the day of the control, the disqualification from the race may be decided without reimbursement of expenses incurred.



The participants will have to follow the markings of the stages.
The course will be indicated by markers every 500 meters or so.
Several natural landmarks will serve as additional indications so that the participants remain on the axis of the course.


The checkpoints will be spaced every 5 km or so. They will be used for scoring.
The passage at each checkpoint is compulsory for each competitor, under penalty of penalty.
A medical assistance will be present at each checkpoint and will have as mission to help, to treat or to stop a runner.


The organization is responsible for the supply of cash at the checkpoints.
Please note that each participant must have in his possession his own eco-cup, (in the framework of eco-responsibility).
No cups will be made available at the refreshment stands.
During this edition, as a precaution against covid 19, there will be no solid refreshments on the course.
You will have to be autonomous for your solid supplies for each stage. There will be liquid supplies (drinks such as coca cola, orange juice, water…).


Individual ranking: the ranking of each stage is done by the time achieved and possibly increased by the penalties received.
The general classification is done by adding the times obtained (increased if necessary by penalties) of each stage.
Team classification: The team must be made up of at least 3 riders.
For the teams, the classification of the stage is done by adding the three best times of the team plus any penalties received. The average of these three best times will determine the result achieved by the team.
The general classification is made by the accumulation of the results obtained by the team on the 3 stages.
The team finishing with less than 3 runners will not be taken into account in the general team classification.


In case of abandonment, the participant will remain present until the end of the ECO TRAIL event, except in case of force majeure or any other emergency requirement at the discretion of the race director.
The competitor will not be able to leave the race without notifying the race director and will have to sign an official discharge provided by ECO TRAIL.


A medical team chosen by the organization and composed of doctors and nurses will be present during the event and on the ground. They will be able to disqualify a competitor who is deemed unfit to continue the race.


The organization has taken out civil liability insurance for the duration of the event.
Each competitor participates in full knowledge of the risks that the development of this competition may cause and releases the organization from any responsibility in case of physical or accidental failure.
Individual insurance and repatriation are mandatory for all participants of the ECO TRAIL.


The organizer reserves the exclusive rights concerning the photo and video coverage of the ECO TRAIL.
By participating in the ECO TRAIL, the competitor accepts that the organizer can use his image (promotion, publicity, etc…) in the whole world.



The average weather conditions at this time:
Average day : 28° C
Average night : 14 °


To enter the Moroccan territory, please consult the Moroccan National Tourist Office.
Here is the link:
Please consult it regularly for updates and changes that may occur before your departure.